Community Helpers

Haniyfa Scott
Community Helpers

When learning about the community helpers I found paper dolls on the website The children choose a helper and colored the dolls and were able to role play with them.

The children were able to choose from: A farmer, a doctor, a firefighter, a chef, a nurse, a police officer, an engineer/architect, a mail carrier, a ballet dancer, and a scientist. Featured in the picture are examples of some of the community helpers. Through the use of videos and books the children were about to identify and acknowledge a deeper understanding of the different occupations in their society and in the wider global arena. as we are an IB school this concept of person to society to world connection is very important. It also fosters ideas of volunteerism and the importance of this in our society. we also touched upon the recent pandemic and how if affected our lives.

Community Helpers
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Community Helpers
September 3, 2021
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