Construction paper Avocado

Construction paper Avocado

Construction paper Avocado

Supplies you will need are as follows: Brown construction paper, green construction paper, glue stick, circle template, egg shaped template.

For this art project the student in my toddler classroom made avocados! To set up the arts project I cut out a green egg shape from construction paper. I also cut out a brown circle shape from construction paper. The children in my class were then able to glue the brown circle onto the green egg shape to make an avocado. We talked about how the egg shape is green. We also talked about the shape of the seed being a circle and the color being brown. When the children in my classroom were gluing the pieces down we let them hold the glue stick with their hands for small motor and put the glue onto the back of the brown piece to glue it onto the green piece. It was an easy but fun art project for the children!

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Construction paper Avocado
November 19, 2020
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