Craft stick patterns

Seerat Sarna
Craft stick patterns

Craft stick patterns

We explored an experience of making patterns on different shape and pattern cards.

We set up the table with colored match sticks and several pattern cards. Children were encouraged to choose a card and try to copy the pattern/match the design that has been made on the card. As the children joined in, we discussed the colors of craft stick on their mat, what shapes they can see and how many sticks they have on their mat? Children came up with lovely answers-Square, House, letter X, triangle, 2, 4, 6.

We also did some dancing on children's favourite songs. They enjoyed moving their bodies and shared their happiness with their peers.

They all loved doing this activity and were occupied for a while.

As the children were engaged in replicating the patterns using match sticks, they developed their critical thinking, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This experience also helped the children in identifying the shapes, colours, sorting and matching skills.

2D shapes sorting mats, to further develop children's basic mathematical skills.

To further extend children's learning on patterns, we planned an activity where children were given a worksheet to continue extending the AB pattern and to create their own pattern using cotton balls.

During our group time, we first discussed What is a pattern? Children were not sure so we told them Patterns are a repeated design or something which is repeated over and again.

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Craft stick patterns
February 28, 2022
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