Decorate Name Activity - Learn Pattern

Decorate Name Activity - Learn Pattern

I have prepared and gave some small decoration for my private student. I prepared many shapes colorful small decorations like butterfly, flower, leaf, and etc for used in this activity. First, I also prepared a paper, a pencil, a glue, scissor. I made her name in a paper use a pencil. I didn't use a marker to draw her name because it will sticky with the marker. If use pencil, it will be okay. She can learn letter that used in her name too. I mentioned letters in her name then I asked her to follow me to say it the letter too. After that, I gave some choices of small decoration that she want to use to decorate her name. Then, I asked her to make a pattern while she want do decorate that letter in her name and she mentioned the pattern that she want to make for the decoration for her name. She can understand and know letters that used in her name and understand about the pattern. She was happy doing this activity.

Decorate Name Activity - Learn Pattern
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Decorate Name Activity - Learn Pattern
March 3, 2022
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