Learn and Make Shapes Activity

Learn and Make Shapes Activity

Learn and Make Shapes Activity

2 weeks ago, I prepared lego block for my private student to make shapes like make a triangle, a square, a rectangle, a star, etc. I gave the example first to my student, then I asked him to made it by his self with the example in the paper to form shapes. First, I have shown him about shapes and asked him to made shapes too and learn to draw something which used shapes. After that, we play use these lego block to form shapes. We can find out this lego block on online store. We need some material to do all of these activities. Need paper and pencil to draw, color pencil or color paints to give colors on shapes that kids have made it. From painting activity, we also can give lesson about mix basic or primary colors become secondary colors, just example like mix yellow and red, so will make orange; mix blue and red, so will make purple; and mix blue and yellow, so will make green.

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Learn and Make Shapes Activity
March 2, 2022
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