Different Shapes to Learn About

Miss Michell
Different Shapes to Learn About

Different Shapes to Learn About

They have to write the name of each shape and fill it with different materials like papel, coton, pompoms, rice, sand, or sometihing like that.

They have to use one different material for each shape, for example if they use the cotton for the circle, they can`t usea the cotton again for another of the shapes.

It could be use cotton for the circle and then paper of different colors for the square. They can use the cotton as something to help them to decorate the shape, for example i suggest use it to make some prints with paint of different colors i made with my students a raimbow with that technique, but they just have to be carefull to not to mix de colors because this way they will only get a huge brown ugly color.

They can use some pom poms of different colors to to form a beautiful triangle for example.

And for the rectangle, oval, diamond and other shapes they could use other things.

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Different Shapes to Learn About
April 24, 2021
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