Do some worksheet

Do some worksheet

I prepared some worksheet for my private student. I printed hot and cold worksheet, underwater and in the air worksheet, and inside and outside worksheet. First, he did inside and outside worksheet. I asked my private student to circle images that suitable with the story. Then, I also asked to draw suitable with the story. Second, he did hot and cold worksheet. He cut out all of images then he placed the images in the correct place. Third, he did underwater and in the air worksheet. He cut out all of images then he placed the images in the correct place. He could do all of worksheet well. He did it with happy. He could cut out all of images neatly, which means that he could cut follow the lines. I also asked him to write his name in all of his worksheet that I have printed for him. He could write his name too in the name column by his self.

Do some worksheet
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Do some worksheet
March 8, 2022
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