Land, Air & Water Transportation Worksheet

Tarane Parsa
Land, Air & Water Transportation Worksheet

Transportation Sort Game, Educational Preschool Printable Activity, Homeschool Game

Hello everyone, my child made this craft to learn the lessons of vehicles and showed the position of the ship at sea while playing with it. Then we made similar crafts for planes and cars and showed their movement in the sky and on the street by playing.

To make this educational craft that is suitable for preschool, we have used colored and crown categories, liquid glue and thermal glue, magic glue, magic and colored pencils and pencils for painting, scissors and ice cream sticks.

After drawing and cutting the design of the ship, car and plane and gluing their parts, we also designed, cut and pasted the background of the image. Then we glued the vehicle with ice cream stick and moved the cut side of the frame.

Land, Air & Water Transportation Worksheet
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Land, Air & Water Transportation Worksheet
December 13, 2021
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