Pre-K Shape Cutting Worksheet

Brynn E Regimbal
Pre-K Shape Cutting Worksheet

Pre-K Shape Cutting Worksheet

This is a great shape themed activity for the littles! It is also just a great fine motor skill activity. Simply have the children cut out the dotted lined shapes at the bottom of the work sheet and then have them paste them at the top onto the corresponding shape with some glue! This activity is great for children ages three, four or five.

For the children that need extra assistance you could simply cut out the bottom three shapes into squares for them to be able to control it a little easier.

Even for a center or school that isn't heavy on doing worksheets this is a happy medium.

Whenever I let my students use scissors for something they all go crazy, and it is also a necessary skill to learn!

I used this activity during the theme shape week under the category Motor Skills, but it could certanily fit into many other lesson categories as well if need be.

My kids loved it, and it was easy to modify for some of the children

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Pre-K Shape Cutting Worksheet
November 16, 2020
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