Fun Fall Leaf Craft

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Should you need a fun Fall craft that involves leaves, this is the perfect activity to do! You can, “Color by Number,” and make your own exciting tree full of Fall leaves.

Lake Union Preschool, Seattle, Washington, loves how enjoyable making their own colorful Fall leaves is, every tree and its leaves get to be different and exciting!

How To Do It

To make your own fun Fall Leaf Craft all you need to do it is:

  1. Download the color-by-number template below.
  2. Have your preschoolers draw their own tree with a brown crayon.
  3. Now have your preschoolers color their leaves.
  4. Glue the leaves to the tree.
  5. Proudly hang-up the pictures your preschool students can make and enjoy talking about trees and how leaves change color every Fall–it is a lesson as fun as it is educational!

Free Printable

Download Your Own Color-By-Number Template Here!

Fall Leaves Template

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