Fine motor with Colorful Popsicle sticks

I love all activities about sensory and motor skills. And my kids love it so much.

There’s alot of things to play with around the house. Such as :

  • Threading, posting and slotting toys for babies and toddlers.
  • Poking straws into holes.
  • Pasta necklaces.
  • Monster play dough.
  • Weaving around cardboard.
  • Pipe cleaners and colanders.
  • Beads on spaghetti.
  • putting coin in piggy bank

one of them is putting popsicle sticks into a box. What do you need :

1.  a milk/cereal box

2. Colorful popsicle sticks. You can color it with marker or dye it.

3. Color papers.

4. Cutter, scissor and tape

How to make :

1. Cut some color papers into long rectangle.

2. Tape the color papers on the box.
3. make some holes that the stick can fit. I like to make it a little bit tight.
It’s so simple and doesn’t take a long time to make it.
the kids love it so much.


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