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Fire Safety Activity for Preschoolers

Fire Safety Activity for Preschoolers

Fire Safety Activity for Preschoolers

With free printables.

When it comes to fire safety one of the best things you can do is get-out of a place that is on fire and let the firefighters take care of it. However, sometimes a fire needs to be extinguished and it can be fun to pretend to be firefighters as well!

With this in mind Precious People Learning Center in Palm Harbor, Florida, did this fun activity with their preschool students outside and discussed how to put-out a fire before trying it themselves.

Precious People Learning Center

How to do the Fire Safety Activity

First, you can print-out the free printable templates of fire we have provided. Then, put the templates outside someplace students can aim a small extinguisher at such as on a bench or table. Next, give the students little extinguishers full of something such as foaming soap or shaving cream. Talk with the students about how when trying to extinguish a fire you should aim at the bottom of the fire to extinguish it.

Now, have students practice, "Putting-out," the fire by shooting the foam at it!To add an additional challenge you can write numbers or letters on the fires and instruct students to put out specific ones. For example, "Please extinguish the fire with the letter N on it."

Free Fire Templates

Here are some free printables of fire that you can use as a template for writing letters or numbers upon too if you choose to add that additional aspect to the activity!

Free Fire Templates

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Fire Safety Activity for Preschoolers
October 8, 2019
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