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Fire Station Dramatic Play-Related Free Printables

Fire Station Dramatic Play-Related Free Printables

Fire Station Dramatic Play-Related Free Printables

Engaging in fire station-themed dramatic play is a fantastic thing for young children who often learn through playing.

Fire Station Label Cards

At The Lordship Learning Tree Preschool in Stratford, Connecticut it was extremely popular and you can use these label cards for your own version you can do for your class as well.

Label Card Usage Example

As you can see in the picture below, using the cards to label the various tools for your fire station-themed dramatic play makes it a lot of easier to students to be aware exactly what items are located where.

Fire Station Label Cards

Road-map Printables

Before students go and, "Drive," their fire truck to an emergency they can practice planning-out their route with these free printable road-maps as they plot-out the drive to the emergency. Exploring these maps is a fun way for students to learn about geography and tracing the path on the map helps to exercise fine motor muscles as well!

Fire Truck Printable Template

This template of a fire truck can easily be printed-out and glued or taped to a large piece of cardboard (such a tri-fold presentation cardboard) to create the appearance of the inside of a fire truck! Students will have a great time pretending to drive the truck and can make siren sounds to simulate a real emergency!

Pretend Phone Printable

In the case of a fire students should always dial 9-1-1. However, if there is not a real emergency they should of course not dial that on a phone or else they could call for help by accident! This pretend phone printable is the perfect way for them to practice calling for emergency assistance without actually dialing a phone.

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Fire Station Dramatic Play-Related Free Printables
October 8, 2019
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