Fun Halloween Activities for Toddlers

Mountain View Parent Nursery School in Los Altos, California was recently busy preparing for Halloween as well as an upcoming 5K known as a, “Tot Trot.” To have get students in the mood for theme of the event they did a number of fun activities relating to Halloween and the Fall!

Mountain View Parent Nursery School
Los Altos, California

Fun Halloween Activities

One fun activity toddlers love is drawing on pumpkins, such as with markers, it was a very popular activity at Mountain View!

Also, the toddlers there had a fantastic time painting a big white cut-out of a pumpkin with assorted Fall colors like orange, yellow, and red.

In addition the students handled corn and used their tools to put plastic nails and other pointy objects into a large pumpkin with their little hammers!

Plus, for the, “All things orange,” collage the class made everyone brought items from their home that fit the orange-theme.

They also had a good time getting orange paint all over their hands! Halloween truly does provide a lot of opportunities for fun activities which toddlers love!

We brought items from home to create our “all things orange” class collage. Painting hands was a bonus.

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