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Games with no fotocopies

Games with no fotocopies

In my school we can’t give the kids many photocopies. So we do a lot of games, dances and songs. They have a great time and learn a lot moving their bodies

Games with no fotocopies

Here we play with the face of a frog, sang five little frogs jumping on the pod (at the rithm of five little monkeys jumping on the bed) they mimic a frog jumping on a pod. They danced. We played a board game about frogs. We make weir facial expression trying to move difffeent parts of the face. We had a monster with a lot of body parts so we counted them. We modo had big body parts made of paper and they used them. They had a lot of fun dancing with them and we created a song to remember the parts of the body

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Games with no fotocopies
November 13, 2023
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