Preposition Games for Kindergarten

Haydn Peers
Preposition Games for Kindergarten

I've been teaching prepositions with my kindies. To help them grasp this concept I staggered and introduced the different prepositions over three weeks.

Preposition Games for Kindergarten

I created three different scenario games - the first being 'Preposition Pirates' which introduced in, out, on and under. The children had to move the pirate characters depending on the instructions. It was a really good activity to reinforce number and colour word recognition as well. Weaker students had the instructions read to them and were asked to identify individual words rather than sentences. Children worked together and it was really good for team building and turn taking.

The next week I introduced 'Preposition Penguins' same concept as before but now with an arctic theme, I included the previous weeks prepositions and added 'in between' and 'next to'. This game really helped challenge the higher students and weaker students were able to complete with teacher guidance.

Week 3 covered all the prepositions taught so far and included under, in front and behind. The theme this week was 'Preposition Princes and Princesses' children liked the aesthetic of this game and knew how to play. Once they had finished many students asked if they could play with the scenarios and role played with their friends. It really reinforced the prepositions and children were engaged and excited.

I had a class of 32 K2's and printed one set of instruction cards per theme, but then 2 backgrounds and 2 sets of characters with 4 children playing with each set.

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Preposition Games for Kindergarten
September 10, 2021
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