Fine Motor Skill-Developing Giant Snowflake Activity for Preschoolers

Over at Touchstone School in Beaverton, Ms. Honiwell’s Pre-K class had a fantastic time decorating giant snowflakes by using dot paints (daubers) and stickers!

The students loved taking the outline of a snowflake provided to them and making it look extra beautiful with their decorating skills.

How the Giant Snowflake Activity Works

This activity helps develop fine motor skills as students carefully aim their dot paints or stickers and place them upon the snowflake outline.
You can easily do this activity with your class by making a snowflake outline with a permanent marker and then giving the sheet to them for then being decorated.

Also, instead of daubers or using stickers, it is possible to utilize glue matched with pieces of paper, chunks of napkins, pasta, or even cereal!
You can add an extra challenging element by having students work on learning colors and the basics of composition as well. When students do this activity they’ll be rocking those fine motor skills and having a ball!

Touchstone School

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