Free "Happy and Sad Tooth," Dental Health Printables For Preschool

Free "Happy and Sad Tooth," Dental Health Printables For Preschool

Happy and Sad Tooth Preschool Dental Health Free Printables

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Healthy or Not Healthy for Teeth Activity

As adults we have learned how certain foods are better for our dental health than others. We've learned that fruits and vegetables are in general a lot better for our teeth than things like soda or ice cream which bathe our teeth in sugar or other elements that can damage our dental hygiene.

By using this chart that has pictures of an assortment of foods you can talk with preschool students about what kinds of food-items are better for our teeth than other kinds and help them learn about what should be eaten more or less often.

With this in mind we have free printables that feature a happy tooth that can be cut-out along with foods that are more healthful such as carrots, apples, and healthful cereal.

We also have a printable of a sad tooth which can have the sugar-heavy foods put on or by it such as doughnuts, soda, and candy.

Happy and Sad Tooth

6 sheets

Tooth Template Printable

In addition, if students want to draw their own face on a tooth we have a blank tooth template as well that can be printed, drawn-upon and cut-out as well! By using these printables preschool students can learn all about dental health via the happy tooth and sad tooth. Click on the picture and print it once it loads at its full-size!

Tooth Template Printable


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The file package with all of the images you need for this activity can all be downloaded completely for free! Just click here to learn how to get them at no cost to you!

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Free "Happy and Sad Tooth," Dental Health Printables For Preschool
September 19, 2019
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