Harvesting the Garden!

Harvesting the Garden!

Harvesting the Garden!

At Eastman Early Learning Center, they planted fruits, veggies, and flowers in the late Spring and early Summer. Now, it is nearly Fall and a good time to harvest those items to enjoy as a class.

Reaping what was sowed

The children discussed how due to the various seasons, it is important to take your fully-grown veggies and fruits and harvest them before it gets too cold and the plants don't grow much in the winter. Everyone talked about how it makes sense to plant in the Spring or Summer and harvest in the late Summer/early Fall or else a frost and snow could ruin what was being grown--something that happens to crops sometimes with an early Winter!

Excited to grow again!

The kids were very excited for Winter to come and then be finished so they could plant food again in the Spring. It was talked about how when people have special buildings like greenhouses they can grow things all year long--the kids thought that was especially neat!

Source for photos: Eastman Early Learning Center

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Harvesting the Garden!
September 8, 2021
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