Having a Marriage of Q and U!

Having a Marriage of Q and U!

Having a Marriage of Q and U!

The letter Q almost always appears with the letter U next to it/behind it. Almost any word with a Q will have a U and the students at Apostles Community Preschool celebrated this by having the letter Q and U officially get married!

An adorable wedding

It was very cute watching the children learn about how a wedding is done and then doing that process for the letter Q and the letter U. Everyone had so much fun celebrating the, "Wedding," of these letters and discussing the very rare times when Q appears without U. Some examples of these words would be tranqs, qwerty, and qi! Besides those letters the students discussing the many words that have a Q with a U after it. Words such as aqua, quad, queen, and so forth! It was great doing the wedding and learning all these letters!

Source for pictures: Apostles Community Preschool

Having a Marriage of Q and U!
May 8, 2021
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