Hibernation Week at Preschool

.Madison Wilson
Hibernation Week at Preschool

Hibernation is a wonderful topic to do with your preschool students! You can discuss what hibernation is and which animals are known to hibernate.

You can discuss what hibernation is and which animals are known to hibernate. Then you can do a variety of hibernation-themed activities that involve Math, Dramatic Play, Science, and Art, as are discussed below!

Hibernation-Themed Activities

A Math-themed hibernation related activity could be having students create a bear den out of marshmallows and sticks that surround some teddy bear graham crackers (as seen in the pictures). It is educational and makes for a great snack besides teaching STEM!

Dramatic Play is a great way to learn about hibernation too! The students can pretend they are hibernating by laying-down and imagining they are taking a long nap!

Science can involve hibernation as well. When animals hibernate they wait for ice to melt/thaw before they wake up. Students can study ice melting as a part of a, "Hibernation Hunt."

Art incorporates hibernation themes easily also. Having students make a sleepy bear or creating a pretend bear den out of paper plates and cotton are just two examples of hibernation-related art.

Hibernation Week is sure to be a hit at your preschool with such fun activities that utilize so many different ways of learning!

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Hibernation Week at Preschool
February 2, 2020
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