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Stephanie S
Homeschooling Mom

This is a great site that I stumbled upon while looking to come up with activities to teach the 5 senses! As a homeschooling mom, I find it difficult to come up with good information and resources to share with my 3 children!

Although my children do not go to traditional school, we still like to do the same activities some of their friends are doing.

We do a lot of hands on and outdoor activities as a family so naturally the 5 senses are a huge and vital piece of information to learn about. We spend a lot of time in the woods exploring while using our senses, in the kitchen making creations while using our senses, spending time with friends learning new and different things all the time, of course while using our senses.

I plan to come back to this site to plan other weekly themes based on what's available here for preschool, 1st grade and 2nd grade. Thank you for putting this together!

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Homeschooling Mom
October 3, 2020
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