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Interdisciplinary Project: Healthy Eating

Paulina Rivarola
Interdisciplinary Project: Healthy Eating

Interdisciplinary Project: Healthy Eating

At Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera Higher Institute, located in the city of General Cabrera, students from grades 5A and 5B took part in an enriching pedagogical experience titled "Towards a Healthy Life from the School Stage." This initiative, carried out with notable success from mid-October to mid-November 2022, aimed to comprehensively address the English language learning process. Its focus was on mitigating language anxiety and reducing affective filter in an interdisciplinary environment.

The initiative originated from the concern for the physical, cognitive, and linguistic well-being of children, recognizing the importance of interdisciplinarity in the comprehensive education of primary school students. Grounded in the idea that a healthy life contributes to academic and personal development, the proposal focused on balanced nutrition and physical activity as essential elements.

During the implementation, students immersed themselves in a learning world where English intertwined with physical education. Activities such as food classification, reflections on eating habits, and dramatizations of dialogues in English filled the classrooms with enthusiasm and curiosity. The connection between the two disciplines became evident through body awareness, health, and the promotion of active lifestyles. The inclusion of educational materials such as English books, audio player, cards with food images, and multimedia resources demonstrates the implementation of a comprehensive pedagogical approach.

The experience was further enriched through the collaboration of external professionals. Nutritionist Paola Teragni and Physical Education Teacher Andrea Nasi shared their expertise through talks and workshops on healthy nutrition and physical activity. These interactions not only provided specialized perspectives but also strengthened the connection between the school, family, and the community. It is important to note that these experiences with the professionals took place before the healthy walk, with the physical education workshop serving as preparation for this activity.

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Interdisciplinary Project: Healthy Eating
February 13, 2024
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