Growing Up Healthy: UGH, Germs!

laurie ildau
Growing Up Healthy: UGH, Germs!

This month we began a month long exploration into Growing Up Healthy.

We are start off with "Getting Sick-Germs & How to Help Ourselves Get Better." This week, we made our own stethoscopes, germ straw paintings, learned illness vocabulary, visited a doctor's office, and t

Growing Up Healthy:  UGH, Germs!

oday, we used small balls of play-dough along with half Qtips we cut ourselves to make our own germs and virus! Cool, huh?

Next week, we review "Staying Clean" & "Nutrition."

The week after, "Exercise & Safety"

On Feelings Friday, we will discuss "responsibility" and how we can better be part of our family by helping with chores, keeping our room tidy, and by helping with other "learning" chores. Young learners thrive with chores, especially those that support learning goals such as sorting/order, pre-math (subsidizing, order, 1:1 correspondence, and counting 1-20, and pre-reading skills (letter name/sounds, syllables, upper/lower case, vowels, writing.)

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Growing Up Healthy: UGH, Germs!
March 3, 2022
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