Germs all around

Carmen Andino
Germs all around

As a teacher for students with autism, I need to use many visuals to capture my students' attention. I bought and used your products about germs earlier this year via our remote learning platform. I used them in combination with videos about the corona virus. I read books on why we need to say home and not go to school until everything is safe. The pictures were very helpful as a visual for my students. The words and pictures were very helpful before using the boom cards about keeping the distant, wearing masks and staying healthy. I used the words to introduce the vocabulary and as a word wall. I then used the germ hands mats as a group activity to count how many germs were in each hand. As a differentiated activity I used the mats to complete addition and subtraction activities as well. I also used the picture cutouts to complete a yes/no activity about germs. I will be using the tooth and emotion activities when we return to remote learning next week.

Germs all around
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Germs all around
February 19, 2021
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