Introducing geometric shapes

Rosa McAndrew
Introducing geometric shapes

After introducing geometric shapes to first graders, have students walk around the room and identify different objects that are shaped as the geometric shapes that were introduced. Then, distribute sheets of blank paper and have students create a picture that contains many of the shapes that were discussed. They may draw buildings, people, scenery, vehicles, etc. It is very rewarding when you see that they can actually identify the shapes used, as well as, the number of sides and angles in each of the shapes. Also, once they are done, the students can come up to the overhead camera and show their pictures, asking their classmates what shapes they can identify in the picture shown. You can extend the activity by having the students make a graph where they can tally the number of a particular shape that they have used in their picture. This can also motivate your more reluctant workers to give you a little more effort in what they are doing.

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Introducing geometric shapes
April 5, 2022
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