Worksheets and Activities for Preschoolers Using Geometric Shapes

Worksheets and Activities for Preschoolers Using Geometric Shapes

Worksheets and Activities for Preschoolers Using Geometric Shapes

These worksheets are a fantastic way for preschool students to learn about geometric shapes through various crafts and activities.

City Street Scene

To do this activity you will need to print the two sheets. One sheet has the scene itself and the other has the image pieces that are used to complete the scene. You can cut the geometric shapes that complete the image out yourself or have the student cut them out. Then, take the geometric shapes and glue them where they belong.

Shape matching worksheets

1. Find the geometric shapes shown on the right in the picture. Write down the number of how many there are, counting up to 10.

2. Havey the child lay out the cards with all of the objects that make geometric shapes so that they continue the row's pattern. Ask which picture is left out?

These worksheets can be laminated and Velcro can be used so they can be done multiple times.

Clever Raven shape puzzle

This worksheet is about a, "Clever Raven," and using geometric shapes to match with the main image.

How to do this activity

1. Print out two sheets: one with the base image and one with the geometric shapes.

2. Cut out the shapes.

3. Lay the shapes out on the base sheet, creating new shapes outlined by the raven.

4. Glue everything on.

These figures can be printed on thick paper or laminated to use the game multiple times in a classroom setting.

How to Download for FREE

You can download all of these worksheets completely for free! Simply follow the directions at this link to learn how.

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Worksheets and Activities for Preschoolers Using Geometric Shapes
November 15, 2021
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