Shapes and Shadows

Winifred Hinkel
Shapes and Shadows

Matching Shapes to Shadows

Winifred Hinkel

Sing This is how we match the shapes, match the shapes, match the shapes, and find (pause) the circle.

The Arts

Shapes to Shadows

1. Pre-cut color copy of shapes

2. Shadow copy sheet of shapes

Warm-up activity:

Shake and Move Children’s song:

1. Tell children we are beginning with music and movement.

2. Start video Body Parts by Patty Shukla and tell children to follow along.

3. Stop the music and explain to children, we will do as our friends do

Shapes and Shadows

n the video.

Shake it out (shakes hands like in the video)

1. Have children prepare to transition into matching the shapes.

2. I will hold up a shape to the camera. Who has this shape?

3. Children will choose their same shape, then hold up their shapes.

4. Ask the children, can they match where the shape goes on their shadow sheet?

5. If a child hesitates, parents may assist.

Praise children as they follow along with matching shapes to shadows.

This is a fun game to encourage parent-child interactions over Zoom. It is great for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and social-emotions skills! My children and parents love these interactions. We change it up to flow with music or beat the hourglass minute timer or online minute to win it.

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Shapes and Shadows
April 7, 2021
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