Bee Matching Shapes

Bee Matching Shapes

This is a game for children at infant education (3,4 & 5 years old, but you can use it for first and second grade.

It consists on a set of flowers and a set of bees. The flowers have a shape on the centre of it and the bees have the same shame shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, circle, heart, diamond, star.

You can use it in different ways. I have made this topic of shapes because une of the classes I teach in infant education is called 'the bees', so it is perfect to personalized the activities of the class.

Sometimes I put the flowers around the class and take out the bees,then we say what shape is the bee and I make it fly around their heads and near the flowers until they say 'STOP', and we see if the shape of the bee matches with the shape of the flower.

In other ocassions they take he bees and say the shape and go to put onto the flower that matches.

they enjoy a lot

Bee Matching Shapes
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Bee Matching Shapes
February 27, 2021
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