Sorting by Shapes

Sorting by Shapes

It helps to improve visual performance for the child.

Visual performance for children with autism

For individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD, vision is one of the sensory integration problems that are frequently found among them. As such, they may have difficulties interpreting things visually such as pictures, sequences and puzzles. Therefore, focusing on visual performance drills such as matching-related tasks help children increase their ability to scan, locate and spot similarities / differences.

Block imitation

Block imitation teaches the child to look at a block structure built by an adult and use his/her own blocks to construct and replicate the adult’s structure. Before they are able to successfully do that, the child has to observe, scan and plan with the end in mind. This helps to build essential skills such as generalisation of basic matching abilities, the ability to build structures and development of visual discrimination. Most notably, it trains their ability to use another person’s model as a form of guide to complete a task which hones a child’s executive functioning.

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Sorting by Shapes
July 17, 2021
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