Stoplights and Shapes

Lacania Collins Gilmore
Stoplights and Shapes


Stoplights and Shapes

Things you will need:

Black, red, yellow and green construction paper

Kid friendly scissors

Stick glue

Popsicle sticks


Teacher will draw circles on the red, green and yellow construction paper.

Have the students cut out the circles.

Students will then cut a rectangular shape from the black construction paper.

Students will then glue the colours of the stoplight in the correct order on the black rectangular shape.

Then they will glue the stoplight on a popsicle stick.

This activity will build the fine motorskills of students when they are cutting out the shapes with the scissors. Also, when gluing and placing the circles on the black rectangular shape.

They will also learn the different shapes being used to make the stoplight which is the circle and the rectangle. They will also learn the colours red, green, yellow and black.

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Stoplights and Shapes
March 8, 2022
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