Johnny Appleseed Worksheets and Story for Kids

Johnny Appleseed Worksheets and Story for Kids

Johnny Appleseed Worksheets and Story for Kids

Johnny Appleseed is a famous figure in American folklore. These worksheets can be done by students while they are told the story of Johnny Appleseed so that they can keep themselves busy while also hearing his famous story!

Johnny Appleseed worksheets

Color by Number Worksheet

This worksheet features a color by numbers methodology where students match the color to the number.

The Story of Johnny Appleseed to Tell

Johnny Appleseed was a real person who has become a historical figure with many legends about him thanks to how he planted apple trees around much of America and supplied seeds to countless people so they could plant their own apple trees as well.

His birth name was Jonathan Chapman and he was born in Leominster Massachusetts on 9/26/1774, He gained his popular nickname thanks to being a skilled nurseryman who worked to grow trees around the Nation whilst providing apple seeds to pioneers all around the Midwest of the USA. Johnny Appleseed not only gave away seeds and planted trees, he was also a successful businessman who owned tree nurseries in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania which grew his beloved apple trees he then sold or traded.

Despite his immense success Johnny Appleseed strove to live a simple life. He was a practicing vegetarian, wore used and ragged clothes, and was quite religious as well. One of the many myths and legends that have formed about him claim that when he would travel he chose to wore his cooking pot as a hat upon his head--as it was so long ago we don't know whether this is true or just a tall-tale!

On 3/18/1845 Johnny Appleseed died. He was 70 years-old and had his remains buried in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Over 50 years of his life had been spent growing apple trees in his orchids as well as traveling across the United States planting seeds for trees and sharing them with others so that everyone could enjoy having apples. He has had many stories written about him with some more truthful and others playing-up the mythological aspects more. He has been honored by America for his contributions on many occasions, such as in 1966 when the United States Postal Service created 5-cent stamp design in his honor.

Coloring Sheet

This worksheet is a version that allows students to color it however they would like.

How to Download the Printables

The package with all files can be downloaded completely for free.

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Johnny Appleseed Worksheets and Story for Kids
September 13, 2019
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