Learning All About the Color Orange

Learning All About the Color Orange

Learning All About the Color Orange

At Little Blessings Childcare & Early Childhood Education, they learned all about the color orange via a wide range of activities. They did tracing, cutting, gluing, and identifying to learn all about this beautiful secondary color!

Orange collage

For one project, the kids took anything orange and made a collage on a paper plate with those items. They used feathers, construction paper, crepe paper, and anything else; it just had to be orange!

Orange worksheets

The children glued orange images in a frame and also worked on their writing skills by tracing and freehanding the word, "Orange." They, of course, use orange markers!

Orange identification

Everyone went around the classroom and school pointing-out orange objects as well. It was amazing how many orange items are in our lives! The color orange sure is neat.

Source for photos: Little Blessings Childcare & Early Childhood Education

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Learning All About the Color Orange
November 17, 2020
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