Letter O: Paper Chain Octopus Craft

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Letter O: Paper Chain Octopus Craft

Letter O: Paper Chain Octopus Craft

For our art activity on the letter O, I've decided to do the paper chain octopus craft I found on Pinterest which is a very easy thing to do.

The materials you need are the following:

1. Colored Papers such as (purple, white, and black)

2. Scissors

3. Glue or hot glue

4. Stapler

So first you'll get the purple colored paper and start cutting it into strips, you'll need maybe at least 30 to 40 strips in total.

Next things is, you will put a glue at the end of one strip and roll it into a circle.

After that, thread the next strip into the first circle and glue it in the same way.

Go and make until it's at least 5 circles long or maybe it's up to you.

Next cut a circle maybe like a hot air balloon shape? for the head of the octopus, then on the white and black paper, cut small circles for the eyes. If you have googly eyes, it will be okay too!

Staple the chain circles to the head of the octopus and then your done! You can hang them to your room or anywhere you like!

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Letter O: Paper Chain Octopus Craft
January 9, 2021
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