Mother's Day Card

Maria Blanc Figueira
Mother's Day Card

I am Maria, I am twenty-four years old, I live in Brazil and I am an English teacher at a private school and at an English Language Course. I teach people from all ages and I love being a teacher. I love kids and I love English, so I am very pleased and thankful for my job and my life.

Last year, because of Covid-19, we had to teach from home. It was a very difficult time for teachers and even more for the students. We had to struggle to prepare wonderful classes for kids and the families had to help a lot at home.

Mother's Day Card

If you have no clue about Mother's Day activity, you are going to love this post. Handprint flowers on a beautiful card for Mother's Day. They love to work with paint and have a lot of fun doing this card.

I did this activity with my kindergarten at a private school and it was a success. In the end I made a video with all the pictures from the cards and sent to each mother and posted on the social medias.

Mother's Day Card
February 22, 2021
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