New Zealand Kiwi Bird

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New Zealand Kiwi Bird

Based on a Story book 'Little Kiwi's Matariki' which is all about the New Zealand Māori New Year and is celebrated by looking at the Stars that signify the new year.

The little Kiwi is fast asleep in her burrow. A beam of moonlight shines right down into her burrow. She wakes, and realises it is time. Hurrying out into the night, she wakes each of her friends from their midwinter slumber.'Kia tere! Hurry!' she urges them. The little Kiwi leads her friends through the pingao and onto the beach. It is pre-dawn. They wait, and watch. As the moon slips away behind the hills, the constellation of Matariki rises for the first time, in the northeastern sky. This gentle tale about celebrating Matariki, the Maori New Year, finishes with an explanation of Matariki - it's origins, traditions and how it is celebrated today. The constellation is also shown, with the Maori names for each star. The text contains some simple words in Te Reo Maori alongside the English equivalent.

Children painted background dark blue and added kiwi birds grass and pre cut stars and googly eyes.

New Zealand Kiwi Bird
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New Zealand Kiwi Bird
August 29, 2020
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