Ocean Theme Preschool Activities for Fun and Learning

Our sensory bin for our ocean week! Our preschoolers can compare the different textures as well as create small worlds for the sea animals!

Sand Dough and Sea Shells

We started our ocean week with sand dough and sea shells! At circle time we passed around seashells and listened for the ocean. We read, “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell” and sang “Slippery Fish”.

Our kinder girls came up with “s” ocean words and journaled, “Swimming in the ocean, I see…” and we all painted paper seashells outside!

Rainbow Fish

We read “Rainbow Fish” and made our own glittery rainbow fish! We worked on counting and number recognition with a shell counting game. We matched numbers with a coloring activity.

We read “Way Down Deep in the Deep Deep Sea” at circle time and practiced counting shells.

We Made Shark Pictures

Wild Oaks Cottage School – Preschool in the Park

Ocean Printable for Preschool

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Author: Emma Johnson

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