Penguin Shape Matching

Penguin Shape Matching

This Penguin shape matching activity is great fun to do with your students! It is wonderful for doing an Antarctic theme full of snow, ice, and penguins!

Shape activities are a stellar way to have students learn about different kinds of shapes from circles and squares to triangles and diamonds. This activity uses four A4 sheets of paper for a total of eight shapes--all that look like adorable penguins!

How the Shape Matching Works

You print the sheets out and then cut along the dotted lines as well as the dividing lines between the shapes to make everything separated. Then you can shuffle all the papers around. After doing so you can present the activity to a student and then will then match the penguin shape with the igloo shape so that everything fits together correctly.

Students can do it alone or as a large group and (as mentioned) this activity is a fantastic way to incorporate learning about shapes into a segment discussing Antarctica or penguins!

How to Download for Free!

Should you want to download the file package you do have an option to do so at no cost to you!  Click here to learn how to download all 4 sheets for free!

You also have the option to purchase shape worksheets at this website

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Penguin Shape Matching
December 21, 2019
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