Pizzeria-Themed Dramatic Play Area

.Mia Brown
Pizzeria-Themed Dramatic Play Area

Pizzeria-Themed Dramatic Play Area

In mrs. Tucker’s Kindergarten Class, there is a spot in the room used as a, "Dramatic play area."

Every month mrs. Tucker transforms it into something different for the kids to engage in doing dramatic play with. Her students always love guessing what the next theme will be and the most recent one had everyone very excited - it was a pizzeria!

Pizzeria-Themed Fun!

The Pizzeria was very detailed! There was a restaurant section with a table that students could, "Eat," at after ordering off the menu.

Plus there was a the back-area that featured an assortment of ingredients, plates, utensils, and a simulated soda machine in addition to a phone station for noting down to-go orders!

There was a pretend oven for cooking the pizza too and directions to help guide students through the whole process of making a pizza for their customers.

It was an impressive setup and the students had a ball pretending to work and eat at the pizzeria!

Mrs. Tucker's Kindergarten Class


Pizza worksheets

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Pizzeria-Themed Dramatic Play Area
December 9, 2019
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