Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom Rules

Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom Rules

List of classroom rules.

Rules are very important for young students. They need to understand what they can and cannot do. These classrooms have examples of all kinds of rules and how they teach them to their students!

5 Preschool Classroom Rules

Use pictures and symbols to illustrate the meaning.

  1. Listening Ears
  2. Looking Eyes / Watching eyes
  3. Quiet Mouths / Quiet voices / Use Inside voices / Lips closed
  4. Gentle hands / Helping Hands / Always gentle with toys / Hands are still
  5. Walking feet / Quiet feet
  • Be kind / Kind words / Be kind to others
  • Help cleanup
  • And most importantly don’t pick your nose

Classroom Expectations

The biggest thing to remember with rules/expectations is telling the kids what to do rather than only what not to do. They will learn to self manage their behavior if there are clear expectations.

  1. Use Listening ears
  2. Use Looking eyes
  3. Use kind hands/feet
  4. Stay in own space
  5. Use kind words.

Our Class Rules

All the other bases are covered under these!

  1. Listen to the teachers
  2. Be a good friend
  3. Be kind
  4. Be safe
  5. Walking feet

Promise Box

We have a “Promise Box” that students stick their names in every morning. It's great for name recognition too!

I promise to:

  1. Be safe
  2. Be kind
  3. Do my best
  4. Be a good listener
  5. Be respectful

These are our 4 promises that we make every morning meeting.

  1. Today I will keep my eyes on my teacher.
  2. Today I will listen to my teacher and my friends.
  3. Today I will use helping hands.
  4. Today I will use walking feet in the school.

Classroom Rules for Kindergarten

  1. Good sitting
  2. Good listening
  3. Good looking
  4. Care for each other
  5. Care for our toys

5 Classroom Rules for Toddlers

  1. Indoor voices.
  2. Indoor legs. (No running)
  3. Don't eat paint.
  4. Don't eat Play-Doh.
  5. Don't eat/taste/lick, friends.
Classroom Expectations
Kids Connect Preschool
North Tonawanda, New York

Four Classroom Rules

I choose to only use four rules in my classroom that cover the basics of the rules and can built off-of as the year goes along. They give me a place to start teaching from. The first month we are teaching routines and rules and each week I focus on a rule and what that rule means.

  1. Keep your hands and feet to your self.
  2. Inside voices are soft and quiet- outside voices are loud and strong.
  3. We clean up and take care of our toys.
  4. We are all friends.
  1. Caring Hearts: I will use kind words.
  2. Helping Hands: I will use my hands for helping and not hurting.
  3. Listening Bodies: I will listen and follow directions.
  4. Walking Feet: I will walk in school to be safe.
  1. I am SMART
  2. I am KIND
  3. I am SUPER
  4. We are SUPERSTARS!

Three Classroom Rules

Everything can fall under one of these three rules. I have found the less rules to remember, the more success. They also begin to understand why our classroom runs the way to does. For example, we clean up after free choice time to be safe, so all of our toys and friends are safe.

  1. Be safe (keep hands and feet to yourself, sitting on chair and carpet safely, walking not running inside).
  2. Be Kind (listening to teacher, taking turns, raising hand before talking, treating materials nicely etc) and
  3. Be clean (cleaning up and self help stuff)


  1. Keep yourself safe
  2. Keep your friends safe
  3. Keep your school safe.
  1. I keep MYSELF safe
  2. I keep my FRIENDS safe
  3. I keep our ROOM and EQUIPMENT safe.


  1. Be Safe
  2. Be Responsible /Be a Worker / Work Hard / Be a problem solver / Be your best / Be Helpful
  3. Be Kind / Be Respectful.
  1. We are kind to each other
  2. We move around safely
  3. We have fun.

Classroom Agreement

  1. We walk to be safe
  2. We use quiet voices so others can hear
  3. We use gentle hands to help others

One Main Rule

I have one rule. That covers it all and help develop empathy. I define empathy for them as "that happened to me and I didn't like it". Sympathy is, "I feel sad that happened to you."

  1. "I treat my friends the way I want to be treated."

Classroom Rules Poem

(to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle")

Here are some rules for you and me,

See how important they can be.

Always be honest, be kind and fair,

Always be good and willing to share.

These are rules we all should know,

We follow these rules wherever we go.

Kinder Affirmations

"My little sweeties this year need some more confidence and self love in their lives (don’t we all) so we have started saying our “Kinder Affirmations” in the mornings and afternoons. Today was the first day I tried this and I’m already noticing a difference in their language and demeanor. It’s the little things!" Addi Simonds 

Kinder Affirmations

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Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom Rules
September 16, 2019
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