Preschool Five Senses

Jan Barone
Preschool Five Senses

The classroom is a preschool classroom for students with disabilities. This summer session we are working to learn our 5 senses the extended summer session is 6 weeks and by using the Five senses theme we will have week 1 Eyes. Week 2 Ears. Week 3 Mouth. Week 4 Nose. Week 5 Touch and week 6 a review using our most enjoyable activities.

We have been using the felt board Mr. Potato shape and with the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and then will add hands for the sense of touch. The classroom Paraprofessionals created the felt board and pieces for us to use at our morning meeting we have been singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” and add the eyes ears, mouth, and nose. In the picture a student used the felt pieces independently to complete the face.

We work to find ways to modify or create opportunities that will build on previous knowledge and using materials that can be easily recreated when ripped or broken.

Each week our art, dramatic play, block center, cooking, sensory, music and movement along with gym time have included different hands on experiences to increase vocabulary and small group guided play.

Preschool Five Senses
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Preschool Five Senses
July 19, 2022
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