Teaching Preschooler about the 5 senses

M Brooks-Turner
Teaching Preschooler about the 5 senses

We are just beginning the all about me theme. I have been searching for a great way to teach my preschoolers virtually as well as have the learning become interactive. I came across your website with many wonderful ideas to choose from. Thank goodness I stumbled upon this. I hope the materials I am able to collect from this site makes learning about the five senses fun for for both my students as well as their parents. Although the children are constantly exploring this theme, I want to bring an awareness to some of the parents of how their child is learning something new everyday by doing what they do everyday, eating, looking, smelling, tasting and touching. We will use the items to incorporate language by encouraging open ended questions and providing the tools for parents and guardians to engage in conversation. Parents and student will develop vocabulary that describe the sense they are using. I am excited and I look forward to posting how everything goes.

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Teaching Preschooler about the 5 senses
October 2, 2020
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