5 Senses with Mr. Potato Head

5 Senses with Mr. Potato Head

The 5 senses can be introduced by using an actual Mr. Potato Head toy. I like to start with all of the pieces off and discuss with the children what is missing. Once the students tell me that it's missing (eyes) I put the eyes on Mr. Potato head and discuss the importance of our eyes. We use our eyes for seeing. What are some things we can see with our eyes? How would life be different if we couldn't see? Sometimes students get with a partner and look to see what eye color they have. I would continue the same type of discussion with the other 4 parts: tongue, nose, hands, and ears (senses). We use our tongue for tasting. We use our nose for smelling. We use our hands for touching/feeling. We use our ears for hearing. Once we finish, I would then give them the attached activity page to complete where they label the parts of Mr. Potato Head with the appropriate sense.

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5 Senses with Mr. Potato Head
October 24, 2020
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