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Free Downloadable Senses Poster Set

Free Downloadable Senses Poster Set

Free Downloadable Senses Poster Set

These free posters discuss the five senses! They will make a great addition to your classroom and can be used during a teaching segment about the five senses or simply kept-up to help remind students what the five senses are.

These posters can be easily printed in the A3 or A4 format and work especially when on cardstock or if you use regular paper that is then laminated.

All 5 senses printable worksheets

The Senses Posters

Hearing: We use our ears to hear things!

Sight: We use our eyes to see things!

Taste: We use our tongue to taste things!

Touch: We use our hands to touch things!

Smell: We use our nose to smell things!

5 Senses: This poster breaks-down all five senses that we use!

How to Download These Files

The file package with these printables can be downloaded for free! Just click here to learn more.

Also, you can purchase the posters at this website.

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Free Downloadable Senses Poster Set
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