The Five Senses

Toddler Three
The Five Senses

It is important for preschoolers to engage in five senses activities? Not only does engaging preschoolers in see, smell, taste, hear, and touch activities teach them about their five senses, it also enriches literacy skills building. In other words, it makes learning fun and dynamic! Here are a few ways to diversify your teaching to incorporate all five sense in your literacy lessons: This would be a great idea to teach my preschool class about their five senses. They will learn that you see with your eyes. They will learn that you hear with your ears. They will learn that you smell with your nose. They will learn that you taste with your mouth. Senses allow us to observe and understand the world around us. There are five main ways we can do this: through sight (with our eyes, touch (with our fingers, smell (with our nose, taste (with our tongue) and hearing (with our ears).

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The Five Senses
October 30, 2020
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