Animal Comparison Poster

Elizabeth Douglass
Animal Comparison Poster

Need an activity to help grade schoolers to compare and contrast? Try this animal comparison art activity. Students love animals and love learning all about them, its a win win.

Animal Comparison Poster

The Student will choose two animals from different animal groups, ex: a mammal and a reptile, to compare and contrast. Direct them to prewrite in a venn diagram about each animal, how does it look? What does it eat? Where does it sleep? what do the animals have in common. Write the different things on the outside circles the same in the middle. After the student has completed the diagram give them a paper to create their poster. Help the student to fold their paper, title each side with the animals they chose. The student draws a picture of the animal on each side and then writes facts about the animals. In the middle write down things the animals have in common. When the poster is completed hand up and admire their work.

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Animal Comparison Poster
March 15, 2022
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