Fun Lion Mask Craft For Preschoolers

Katie Hays
Fun Lion Mask Craft For Preschoolers

Lion Mask Craft
Let’s Be Friends Preschool
Preschool in Maumee, Ohio

A Simple Craft That Will Have you Roaring With Delight.

If you want to make a fun (but also easy) craft with your preschooler then this is a great one! Whether you are doing it in your home with your own child or are a teacher who wants to fill their classroom with a bunch of exciting lions, this is a stellar project!

“We were so excited to to complete our Summer camps this week! We made our own, "Zoo," full of animals native to Ohio as well as the kinds you would find in a real zoo. They are sure to be great friends to our preschool! As you can see, the Lions were especially popular.” Let's Be Friends Preschool

A Simple Craft That Will Have you Roaring With Delight

To make your own lion mask this is everything required:

  • Regular (dinner-sized) paper-plate
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Yellow Construction Paper
  • Orange Construction Paper

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. The first thing you need to do is cut-out the center of the paper-plate, this will result in the hole where your, "Lion," will be able to put their face.

2. Place the double-sided tape all around the rim (only on one side of the plate, the side that will face-out).

3. Cut both the yellow and orange construction paper into long strips.

4. Place the paper-strips on tape that is attached to the plate ((or let your preschooler help do so)--make sure the strips, "Poke-out," toward the outside of the plate as these strips are going to your lion-mane.

5. Your mask is done and your little lion can put it by their face and roar!

A completed mask looks extremely colorful and fun! Whether you have just your own preschooler or a classroom full of them this is a fantastic craft to do--it is as fun to make as it is to show-off!

Lion plate mask
Fun Lion Mask Craft For Preschoolers
Adventure Time Academy
New Albany, Indiana

And this funny the lion cubs from “Adventure Time Academy” New Albany, Indiana. This week at Academy was theme “Jungle/Safari”.

Lion - Free Printable

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Fun Lion Mask Craft For Preschoolers
August 10, 2019
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