Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment for Kids

Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment for Kids

Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment for Kids

At The Gardner School of Eagan, they did a fun STEM activity that was colorful and educational! You can easily do this experiment with your kiddos as well.

Materials needed for this experiment

To do this rain cloud in a jar experiment you will need the following:

*A clear jar (glass works well)

*A small cup


*Food coloring

*Shaving cream

*Small eyedroppers/pipettes

How to do the experiment

Follow these steps to make your rain cloud in a jar:

1. Mix some food coloring and water into your small cup then set it aside.

2. Fill your clear jar 3/4 of the way with water.

3. Plop a bunch of shaving cream into the rest of the jar on top of the water and have some sitting atop the jar too.

4.Use your eyedroppers/pipettes to suck-up colorful water from your cup with the food dye mixture.

5. Squirt the colorful water on top of the shaving cream.

6. Keep squirting colorful water on the shaving cream until it starts coming out the other end into the water in the glass jar.

7. You've just simulated how clouds become heavy with water vapor and release this vapor as rain!

Source for photos: The Gardner School of Eagan

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Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment for Kids
November 26, 2020
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