Cloud with snow flakes falling down

Lacey Clements
Cloud with snow flakes falling down

We wanted to make a cloud with snowflakes for a winter theme.

So we cut out a circle from a paper plate and glued cotton balls all over the top of the plate and underneath.

Then we cut out snowflakes from plain white paper, and my child also wanted to paint the snowflakes different colors. So we used water color. Then we set the items to the side for them to dry.

After they were dry we attached the snowflakes to the cloud by hanging them with thread.

So we put holes through the paper plate to stick the thread through and you can also tape the thread onto the cloud if you need to because the threads can fall right off the cloud, so they need to be secured on.

This can also become a hanging mobile from your ceiling if you add more thread above the cloud and hang it. Like I mentioned above the thread needs to be secured onto the cloud very well with strong tape perhaps.

This is a cute winter theme craft.

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Cloud with snow flakes falling down
March 5, 2021
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