Falling Leaves Craft For Preschool Students

Falling Leaves Craft For Preschool Students

Falling Leaves Craft For Preschool Students

At Little Explorer's Preschool, they did a fun craft designed to create the image of falling leaves! The book, "Fall Leaves Fall!" was read and then the kids did their own falling leaves! Laying the, "leaves," down was a fantastic way to build up fine motor skills and the children learned all about the different colors they were using which are often seen during the Fall as well.

Making the leaves fall!

The children took red, yellow, orange, and brown construction paper. Then, they cut these papers up into pieces. The little pieces were modeled as leaves and glued to print-outs where they resembled leaves falling to the ground during the Autumn months. The kids had a wonderful time reading about Fall leaves and then creating their own.

Source for photos: Little Explorers Preschool

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Falling Leaves Craft For Preschool Students
November 15, 2020
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